Beautiful Gabriella

I had the best time working with Janis and a great part of what made my wedding so special was how wonderful Janis and her team was during the planning process and the actual day. From beginning to end.

Janis was fun, friendly and understanding. She made me smile, laugh and feel like I did deserve all the pampering I received. She was welcoming and friendly to my family, she listened to all my comments and was flexible with changes if I had any concerns. And she never had any ego with me; only joy for me and my family.

I grew up a tomboy who never wore makeup, but Janis made me feel like a supermodel and I never felt like the makeup was too heavy. She brought in a great team to do hair and makeup for me and my wedding party, and I always felt at ease with her decisions and advice.

We all had a wonderful time for the six months we worked together and I recommend her to everyone!

Besides marrying my husband, the best part of my wedding day was that I felt like I was beautiful, like I owned the world and it was Janis and her team and her talent that gave me that power. My photos are breathtaking and all her work and effort shows!

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