Elegant Lindsay

Janis and her team went above and beyond to make my wedding spectacular. I had numerous appointments with other make-up artists and hair stylists before meeting Janis and I was getting increasingly frustrated (prices were SUPER high & quality was fairly low). I wear make-up on a daily basis but nothing I said seemed to get through to these other people –

I wanted to look like a prettier version of myself, not “super-glam beauty pageant” but also not “completely natural”. Janis set me up with Karyna who was perfect. She understood what I wanted, listened to me, and it was the first time I came home from a make-up appointment and my fiance said “You look like yourself!”

Janis has been in the business a long time, she knows what she’s doing and is very professional – therefore the girls she hires are the same way. Karyna was prompt and worked efficiently the day of the wedding – spending lots of time making everyone look beautiful but keeping with our schedule. She even squeezed in my mother-in-law at the last minute! Beautiful Faces was the only company I met that included lashes for me and even allowed me to see how they would look at my trial and (best of all) it was the least expensive of everyone I tried.

Additionally – when I struggled to find a hair stylist (running into the same problem I did with make-up artists) I contacted Janis and was connected with Hair Design by Janelle – someone she knew and trusted and who worked with her a lot. Janelle was just as amazing as Janis said she would be and I was simply thrilled I chose her.

We truly all loved how we looked the day of the wedding and I would recommend them in a heartbeat! 🙂

Wedding: 08/22/2015

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