Our Big New York Wedding


Our BIG New York Wedding for Holly McCallan Bishop 21 people 5 ½ hours

I had the pleasure of meeting Janis last July at my friend’s wedding. The second that I sat in her chair she was overjoyed to have my face as her next pallet. I was blessed with rosacea and I have tried remedy after remedy to make it subside. Janis was more than prepared for any skin type or blemish. With her knowledge and skills, I could not find a spot of red anywhere on my face…I was sold.

Janis and her team were hired to beautify my entourage of girls. On April 11, Janis and her team were prepared to work on 21 girls. I had no need to stress knowing Janis was there! A schedule was provided and they breezed through my girls in 5 hours,approx 1/2 hour per girl. Beautiful Faces by Janis believe in making everyone look natural.

They are well educated in the art of makeup and absolutely love what they do. They work well as a team and would bend over backwards to make everyone happy and comfortable! I would recommend Beautiful Faces to anyone and everyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

You and your crew helped make my dreams come true. You should receive and award for finishing 21 girls in 5 1/2 hours. I was so calm knowing you were there. Every one of my girls looked flawless and felt like a princess. Many of them were hesitant to get their make up done, but seeing how natural everyone looked they were on board.

Thank you from the bottom of.my heart.

~ Holly Bishop

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