Classic and Graceful Kathleen

Extraordinary is how I would describe my experience working with Janis Cohen and her team at Beautiful Faces for my wedding this past September. Janis is exceptional – in every sense of the word. In addition to being a tremendously talented make-up artist with an extensive background in make-up, she is also extremely caring and thoughtful. From her fun, caring personality to her impressive skin and make-up knowledge and expertise – Janis is a skin miracle-worker and is absolutely someone you want to have with you on the morning of your wedding day!

A co-worker of mine had recommended Janis and Beautiful Faces to me when I began my make-up and hair stylist search. My co-worker told me that she had been in three weddings where Janis and her team did the hair and make-up. When it came for her own wedding, choosing Janis and Beautiful Faces was a no brainer. I saw how beautiful my co-worker’s make-up & hair was in her wedding photos, I saw the impressive reviews and awards listed on the site and I eagerly reached out.

I booked my make-up trial with Janis last February and was instantly thrilled with my decision. Not only were Janis’ prices reasonable, but the quality of her work was instantly apparent. She understood my vision and the look that I was going for and she worked with me to make adjustments to the eye-makeup and lip color to ensure the make-up was exactly how I wanted it to be. Never having had my make-up professionally done before, Janis gave me and my bridesmaids who had come along for the appointment all kinds of great make-up education and advice. She also was extremely patient with me while doing my eyeliner, mascara and appending the false eyelashes onto my eyes as I flinch easily when someone else is touching my open eye.

I shared with Janis at my trial that I had been experiencing some breakouts recently, that I was quite concerned as they weren’t going away. Having had acne when I was in high school and college and taking Accutane in college, I was no stranger to breakouts but was extremely discouraged that my acne had returned – especially after more than five years of clear, smooth skin. I told Janis that I was planning on seeing my dermatologist and she was full of great suggestions of make-up products for sensitive skin I could use, skincare solutions I could consider, and she made a point to reach out to me after my appointment to check in on my the status of my breakouts and how the appointment with the dermatologist went. My skin continued to worsen despite the medicine I was taking so in May as a last resort and growing panic that my wedding was now only a few months away, I began a second round of Accutane. Most people take Accutane for 6 months and while it is truly a miracle drug, it takes time to work and your skin worsens before it gets better. My skin was no exception as it got far worst before better. I continued to talk to Janis and her suggestion to use Physician’s Formula BB cream (found at CVS no less) to mask the deep red color of my acne and to cover up breakouts was a true life-saver during the summer months when my skin worsened. It was so good at covering up my acne that many people had no idea how bad my skin really was until I removed my make-up. While I was extremely worried that my skin would still be bad in September, I did feel like I had a “secret weapon” in Janis as I knew she would be able to mask the acne for the wedding photos.

In late August/early September I saw a dramatic change in my skin- it was brighter, smoother and the breakouts were fewer and far between. I asked Janis if I could come for a second make-up trial as my skin especially my lips (side effects of the medicine) was much more dry than before starting the medicine and I wanted to ensure that the make-up/lip color would stay put for my wedding day. Janis was extremely accommodating with this additional trial and her expansive knowledge of make-up and skin was once again very apparent. The airbrush make-up was flawless hiding the few, small breakouts I still had and Janis recommended I use a colored lip gloss with vitamin E instead of a lip stain which often dries out lips. She made these adjustments to the notes in my file for my wedding day and I was reminded once again that I was in great hands.

On my actual wedding day, I could not have been happier or felt luckier – I had the remnants of one small breakout near my mouth that Janis was covered effortlessly and the rest of my skin was completely smooth. After doing a small victory dance for my clear skin, I sat down and Janis worked her magic. As expected, I was beyond thrilled with the outcome. Janis’ thoughtfulness came into play once again as she gave me a gift package and a lip gloss to reapply throughout the day. Janis and Carla (make-up) and Alicia and her team of hair stylists, worked efficiently and effectively doing the hair & make-up of my 10 bridesmaids, my mother and my now mother-in-law, and doing the hair & “fairy dust” sparkle powder for my 2 flower girls. Each and every one of the ladies looked absolutely stunning with their natural beauty accentuated. In fact, 3 of my bridesmaids were not planning to have their make-up and hair done but once they saw the amazing quality of Janis & the Beautiful Faces team, they asked to have theirs done as well. Janis and the team agreed and had left plenty of time to take on the additional 3 people and still had the full group ready on time. The team’s timeliness, organization, focus and professionalism was unparalleled making the getting-ready process extremely smooth and enjoyable for all.

Overall, I cannot express how impressed I was with Janis Cohen and her team at Beautiful Faces. Janis’ kindness, vast knowledge and attention to detail is exceptional and it’s clear she instills this customer care and work ethic in her whole team. For extraordinary quality (at a reasonable price!) and an extraordinary experience, look no further than Janis and the Beautiful Faces team – you will not be disappointed!

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