Elegant Allyson

Wowww! I loved working with Janis for my wedding. She was so flexible and easy going. We had a really extensive chat before doing a trial and she accommodated both me and my mom, who does not normally wear makeup, for our trial. THIS WAS CLUTCH! We originally decided on a little bit “more” than I would normally do for a face full of makeup since it was meant to be a special day, but as I got closer to the wedding day, I backtracked a bit and decided to go far more natural. Janis rolled with it all. When the day came, Janis made everything so easy for us all by having a detailed timing plan for the 9 women getting hair and makeup, but when one or two were late, she was able to shift on the fly and keep going – what a professional. The fact that my mom had done a trial with her in advance put both her and my mother-in-law (also not a makeup wearer) at ease with doing something a little special without feeling like they were going to look like different people. Everyone looked and felt beautiful, and I love how Janis explains each little thing she’s doing and why she decides to do it that way, and in the end, I LOVED my natural looking makeup. I felt so incredibly beautiful AND myself… and the look on my husband’s face when he saw me said it all. I also highly recommend JoJo as an incredible option for hair styling for your wedding! Her incredible service started with a trial at her comfortable in-home beauty studio where she has a full styling setup. I have really thin hair and we discussed the possibility that I would need extensions to get the style I wanted, so she both gave me recommendations for where to go to get extensions that would fit my hard-to-match hair color and she agreed to give me a second trial once I got them for free since we couldn’t really complete a style the first time. I was blown away! On the day of…She did my entire wedding party and both moms and everyone looked absolutely fabulous. The week was a blur and I completely forgot that I should time washing my hair to have 1 day old hair, so I ended up with clean hair and still she made it beautiful. I love the way that it flowed and got a little messy in the wind when we were taking pictures on the beach. On top of her skills, she’s both really fun to talk with and super affordable. You won’t regret working with her!

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